Contract Manufacturing Services
There are many good manufacturers in China, those factories are already proven to provide good parts and services to top customers around the world; However, dealing with Chinese factories requires a lot of energy and experience (onsite audit, communications, random process check, contract negotiation, complain handling, risk analysis…) ; We PINTUU provide one stop supplier management service for you from manufacturing sourcing service, Supplier management to order tracking. Using a professional company like PINTUU will help you improve your China sourcing work efficient, save your energy and and lower cost!

What you can get

Free quotes

With advanced RFQ analysis – we make sure your requirement is fully understood before initiating with manufacturers and quotes are free.

Quickly matched with trusted manufacturers

Pre-qualification is made on top with exporting experienced manufacturers for your customized parts, thus match making is an easy job.

High mix low volume

Low production ratio of large scale products of our manufacturers & Long term cooperation relationship  makes flexibility to meet various needs possible.

Rapid prototyping

Our scope includes sheet metal, 3D printing and machining, 24h production for global orders, cheaper and international point to point delivery.

Independent quality inspection and audit

Pre-production, during production, final inspection check, and process audit are available upon your needs.

Order management

Our supply chain management experience will allow us to manage your orders smoothly, and they can be visualized on our platform too.

Our manufacturers have made for

Our manufacturers have
made for