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Home page / Product Search / Complex stamping part

Complex stamping part

  • Process: Stamping/Welding
  • Material: SECC
  • Industry: Sewing
  • Weight:

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Supplier details PINTUU evaluation


PINTUU evaluation

This is a small but delicate factory. In 2012, it passed the quality certification of IATF16949. The two bosses of the company have worked in foreign companies for 15+ years and have rich work experience, ideas and good working motivation. Most of their customers are foreign companies in China, a small portion of products are directly exported to Europe and the United States. Auto parts account for a large proportion. In addition to normal products, the company also has the ability of welding process in small quantities, and rich experience has been accumulated on special surface treatments.

The company's staff is relatively stable, employees are active and willing to work with the company. Most of the company's orders are high-mix.

The company has the ability to assist customers in the design of parts and processes, and to provide professional advice. The key engineer has English communication skills, written and spoken.

  • Sales Territory

  • Composite scores: 83

  • IMG_6974.JPG


Supplier ID:S833801

rating rating rating rating rating

Composite scores: 83

Basic information:

Year Established:2004
Total Employee:40
No. of Engineers:3
No. of QA/QC6
Import/Export License:Yes
Location:Suzhou,Jiangsu Province
Last year's sales revenue(Mio $)2.3
Background of shareholders:First with 20+ years technical background
Second with 15+ years commercial background

Main materials:Carbon alloy steel, 40%
Alloy structure steel, 30%
Copper, 20%
Main processes:Stamping

Supplier 's Market Strategy:

Key Market:Automotive parts, 40%
Electronics, 20%
Power tool parts, 10%
Others, 30%
Top 5 customers:Laird
Preferred order type:High mix
Middle mix

Major production equipment and testing equipment

Machine Type(Quantity)ManufacturerModel Table SizeOrigin Country Machine
Mfg Year
400T Double point press (1)XDChina 2015
400T single point press (1)LocalChina 2010
250T press (1)China 2016
200T press (1)China 2011
125T press (4)China 2011
110T press (2)China 2010
80T press (3)China 2014
Tapping machine (5)China 2011
Resistance Welding machine (3)China 2011
CMM CMF654China 2015
CNC (20)XCP Turn&MillChina 2012
HMC (1)CNC verticalChina 2012
Profile meter (1)China 2012

Production photos

  • IMG_6968.JPG
  • IMG_6970.JPG
  • IMG_6972.JPG
  • IMG_6986.JPG