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How to qualify a manufacturer

What kind of manufacturer could be a trusted partner for PINTUU and our clients? Why PINTUU could be trusted? Please see how we make it happen.

Manufacturer pre-qualification in 6 steps


Meet a few partners in our network

Supplier ID:CM753701

Main process:Casting/Machining


Supplier Rating by PINTUU: 75


Stainless Steel Precision Castings

Cast steel 11


Supplier ID:DM884001

Main process:Die-casting/Machining


Supplier Rating by PINTUU: 88


Die casting yoke for the boat winch-Al-4.37 kg-Yacht capstan

Aluminium 6


Supplier ID:SW853801

Main process:Machining


Supplier Rating by PINTUU: 85


Bracket assembly for Wheel chair

Medical Equipment

How it works

1. Manufacturer qualification

We conduct rigorous check, interviews and assessment to suppliers before they become our partners. See above steps.

2. Quick quotes

Customer can easily post RFQs online and get quality quotes.
We do analysis for every RFQ to have our thorough understanding of customer’s requirement.

3. Partner matching

We match every RFQs with best suitable manufacturers quickly, so you get best available quality and cost.

4. Feedback

Our platform makes it easy to communicate for any questions, and you could even invite your colleagues into group chat online.

5. Parts delivered

Our experience in international logistics will just help you get your parts faster.

6. Quality inspection

All orders are going through our quality check, to ensure you get quality parts in consistency each time.

7. Order management

We manage your order on daily basis, and visualize it on our platform, so that you can check your order status anytime, anywhere.