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We help small and medium sized companies for contract manufacturing of industrial metal parts with Chinese manufacturers more productively!

Why work with PINTUU.COM

  • More transparency

    Visibility of inquiries and orders' progress;
    We say yes when it means yes.

  • More productive

    Online messenger at your disposal;
    RFQ evaluated by PINTUU prior to supplier's acceptance .

  • Better quality

    Manufacturers pre-assessed by PINTUU, who have worked for SIEMENS, GE, HOMAG, PHILIPS, JOHN DEERE, OERLIKON, HITACHI, CROWN, ABB, ITW...
    Four-step through production quality check.

  • More responsible

    All verified manufacturers;
    We look for long term partnership with you.

  • High mix low volume

    We consolidate different needs;
    Benefit from long term relationships with suppliers.

Key platform features

  • Quickly post RFQ

    Customized RFQs are generated for your components with our easy-to-use template.

    Fast RFQ analysis

    We make sure your requirements are fully understood and informations are sufficient.

    Quotes from verified supplier

    Matched factories within our network are given the RFQs, and quotes are submitted via PINTUU.
  • Match quality supplier efficiently

    With our network and knownledge built by pre-assessment,matching is an easy job

    P/O progress visibility

    Status is tracked and milestones are updated.

    Group live chat

    You can discuss with us for any questions with our instant messenger,and even inviting your colleagues into joint-chat is possible
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Our value




Words from our general manager

Blog: PINTUU's participation at Hannover Fair, Germany 2019

Blog: PINTUU's participation at Hannover Fair, Germany 2019 2019-04-08

Benefits as a supplier

1. World class clients
You are connected with international quality manufacturers, sourcing professionals and engineers quickly at our platform and you will start soon to receive inquiries from the world that match your capability and strategy.
2. Easy to use
What you need to do is to answer the questions online after registration or submit off line and accept assessment onsite by PINTUU team, just before being matched.
3. 100% Free
You don’t need pay even one cent during whole transactions. We do pre-assessment on our own costs.

1. 对接世界级客户
2. 操作便捷
3. 完全免费

What our clients say about us

/ Ben S.

rating rating rating

The idea of visualizing your order progress online should be very helpful for me. I will try the system once a chance is available.

/ Frank S.

rating rating

The resources that PINTUU has and services they provide would make sense for small to medium sized companies like us when they plan to source from China.

/ Pietro P.


A variety of supply resources from PINTUU sounds very interesting for us.

/ Kevin Z.

rating rating

PINTUU's supply resources of components and mold for medical devices helped us saved time for sourcing, and support on technical communication is also helpful.

/ Steve. B

rating rating rating

Our engineering director commented that the die casting part looked very professional.

Applicable industry

Our products are suitable for many industries